Art Installation and Picture Hanging Services

Our Process


You describe the potential work and the number of pieces of art to be hung. We then approximate the time needed to arrive at an estimate range.


We judge placement based on surrounding furniture and space. By placing each piece of art in relation to the other pieces along common sight lines, we ensure a flowing and artistically enhanced ensemble. 


Using two hooks on the wall and tightened wires on the backs of pictures or hanging artwork directly to picture hooks with two d-rings on the frame, we guarantee that artwork will not shift over time. We also install special bumpers on the back of each frame.

About Us

I’ll Hang For you is a premium art installation company that has been established since 1998. We specialize in the installation of pictures, paintings, framed mirrors, and any other wall-mounted decor, and we offer meticulous art installation services throughout the New York and tri-state area. At I'll Hang For You, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We always place a high emphasis on the needs of our clients to ensure that our displays enhance the appeal of your living and work space. We have extensive experience installing every type of framed work, and every picture hanging project will be handled with precision, neatness and accuracy.

Past Work